Venom is a Python extension module that makes creating interactive 3D applications very simple. It can be used to write games, demos or other programs which need high performance 3D accelerated graphics.


Venom will have the following features built in:
  • 3D hardware accelerated graphics using the flexible Irrlicht engine.
  • Simple, clean and easy to use API.
  • Node objects allow for easy movement, animation and collision detection.
  • UDP/TCP Networking.
  • 3D positional audio.
  • Event based structure which allows you to write less code.
  • Support for many other languages, including Ruby, Perl and TCL is also planned.
Venom does not embed Python in any way. Because it's an extension, you can use any other Python libraries combined with Venom for greater flexibility!


Latest Downloads
Use this link to visit the SourceForge downloads page.


Quick Start Tutorial
A simple tutorial to help you get started with Venom. Not available yet.

Users Manual
Link to users manual when it becomes available.

API Documentation
Link to API reference when it becomes available.

SourceForge Project Page
Link to SourceForge project information.


Venom is licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL). For more information on the LGPL click here.


A screenshot showing the use of Irrlicht's features to create a watery dungeon you can move around in. This can be done using around 13 lines of Python code.


Shane Parker
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