Venom is a small framework for writing games. It was originally written for the first person shooter 'Feral Strike', but can be easily adapted to create just about any type of game.


Venom has the following features:
  • 3D hardware accelerated graphics using NeoEngine
  • A basic but functional scripting interface using Lua
  • An 'actor' system that ties into scripts to easily implement game functionality
  • A schedule system for scheduling script events in the future
  • A simple database interface that can be used to access MySQL
  • Collision detection and response with basic physics
These features are planned, but not yet implemented:
  • A web based interface for adding game objects in realtime
  • 3d positional audio ( probably using OpenAL )
  • Complex rigid body physics
  • Networking ( using OpenTNL )
  • Particle systems
Venom can be very easily extended and modified. For example, if you would rather use Python as your scripting language of choice, you only need to implement another ScriptManager class. Most things in Venom can be changed this way.


Latest Downloads
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Quick Start Tutorial
A simple tutorial to help you get started with Venom. Not available yet.

SourceForge Project Page
Link to SourceForge project information.


Venom is licensed under the Mozilla Public License. For more information, click here.


A commonly used map for testing NeoEngine applications. This is from the test application, which features scripted Quake 3 style jump pads.


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